Business Card Design Photographer Jon Aspinall

Business card Photographer Jon Aspinall

Création Carte visite Photographe Jon Aspinal

Business card Photographer Jon Aspinal

Jon is a photographer based in Manchester, UK. He takes beautiful portraits and group photos for all kinds of events.


“Photography is more than just a visual art, it is an opportunity to connect with people from different corners of life. It is a gift to be able to do something I love, whilst bringing-out the best in others.

For the past decade I have photographed people in a wide range of environments, from family photoshoots to wedding photography, through to individual portrait shots.

I love what I do and often head out with my camera to seek inspiration – I have photographed street scenes, people in cafes, laundrettes, pubs, market stalls. This social documenting always brings me back to the photographing of people, it’s what I excel in, it’s what I enjoy the most.

I am based in Chorlton, Manchester which has a strong creative community and is perfect for me to engage with other like-minded creatives and keep developing my social and community photography.” – Jon Aspinal


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